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nodemcu kitnodemcu kit

What is NodeMCU?

Internet of Things is one of the most popular technologies today. It is possible to control everything with the Internet in all smart systems. So how can you enter the world of IoT with the fastest and easiest way? The answer is; Nodemcu.

Unlike many known development boards, NodeMCU is quite powerful and functional thanks to IoT support. With Nodemcu, you can remotely control your electronic devices and develop smart systems.

This NodeMCU kit we have prepared allows you to quickly enter the world of IoT. You will program the NodeMCU using the sensors and components in the kit. With sample projects, you will complete IoT studies that you can use in real life, so the doors of the IoT world will be opened to you.





Web Controlled LED

With this project you will learn to control a remote LED from your smartphone. It’s a good start to learn to control modules with the Internet.

Plant Watering System

With the Plant Watering project, you can pump water into your pot from anywhere at any time over the internet. In this way, you can water your flowers from afar.

Gas & Smoke Detection

The smoke detector project allows us to follow the gas values we receive from the sensor on our phone. In this way, you can detect the smoke in the environment.



Nodemcu development board is compatible with Arduino IDE. In this way, you can easily program your Nodemcu and easily load libraries.





Introduction to Nodemcu

This manual book is very suitable for those who want to make an introduction to the IoT World with Nodemcu.

Tutorials and Examples for IoT Projects

There are sample IoT projects for you in the manual. By examining these examples, you can gain your first IoT experience.

Everything Explained with Visuals

All the examples in the manual are explained with schematics and codes, so it will be easier for you to understand the projects.


nodemcu kit openboxnodemcu kit openbox

What are the advantages? Advantages : EASY TO LEARN IOT PROJECTS ALL IN ONE PACK COMPATIBLE WITH ARDUINO IDE IMPROVE ELECTRONIC SKILLS Some project examples in the manual;

Web Based Led ControllingFlower, Plant Watering Temperature Measurement with DHT11Remote Relay ControllingBlynk Rgb Led ControllingSmoke and Gas DetectionServo Motor Controlling

Nodemcu Kit consist of 16 components : Set Content :

NodeMCU CH340 – ESP8266L9110 Dual Motor Driver Board2 Channel 5 V Relay BoardDHT11Mini Submersible Pump 6VSoil Moisture Detection SensorSmoke Sensor Board – MQ-2Servo-motor1x – 5 mm RGB Led15x – 5 mm Led Pack

Suitable for Maker Projects

Complete Kit

Coding Experience

Robotic Experience

Complete Project

Tutorials Based

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✅ [ FRESH START TO IOT ] : “Internet of Things” is the most common trend these days. NodeMCU kit includes 16 components like motors, LEDs, some type of detection sensors. Also you can find a detailed application e-book which is suitable with this kit. So, just make the pieces together and start the IoT Projects quickly !
👾 [ STRONGEST BOARD] : NodeMCU is an open-source ESP8266 module based development board, which has many more features than the others. NodeMCU is getting popular among people who are IoT enthusiasts. That IoT kit consists of NodeMCU, so you don’t have to use any kind of development boards.
🌎 [ INTERNET IS IN EVERYWHERE ! ] : As we said, NodeMCU kit has 7 projects like automatic watering, led controls, switching devices by relay card etc. NodeMCU can connect Wi-Fi and allows you to stay online. You will be able to control all of your projects from everywhere, at any time. You will really notice the power of IoT !
📚 [ MANUAL BOOK SUPPORTED ] : The Nodemcu Kit comes with a manual. In the manual, the list of all parts of the kit, circuit building steps are explained with visuals. The codes of the projects are also in this manual.


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